Welcome to Island Fresh LLC

Island Fresh LLC is a wholesale food & beverage distributor serving the New York City area. We provide specialized food distribution services, as well as quality private label services, for gourmet food stores, supermarkets, and retailers in the NY/NJ metro areas. We work hard to provide the best services to our customers, and offer a wide selection of products. Our online product catalog is updated regularly, and available 24/7. We carry a full line of products from deli items, dairy items, frozen seafood, produce items (except fruits), and foodservice items. Serving our clients with friendly, respectful, and on time service is our number one goal.

Wholesale Food Distribution

We provide wholesale food and beverage distribution services in the NY/NJ regions to specialty grocers, markets, foodservices, supermarkets, mom-and-pop's, and airport food establishments. We specialize in direct-store-delivery (DSD) service, as well as drop off and customized services.

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Online Product Catalog

We provide our online product catalog to our online visitors to allow them 24-hour, convenient access. The up-to-date catalog contains our current and latest offerings of wholesale food & beverage products

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Private Label Services

We provide quality private label services to our clients, and available in a wide range of food & beverage products. We work with vendors and manufacturers in re-branding their "raw" products for our retail customers as their store brand.

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Seriously Unsweetened is a Brooklyn based, premium zero calorie, zero sugar sparkling water made with organic fruit extracts and oils.
Visit www.drinkseriously.com





Island Fresh is the exclusive NY distributor of iQ Juice line of delicious, 100% all-natural, ready-to-drink fruit juice blends.
Visit www.iQJuice.com






Red Jacket Orchards has partnered with Island Fresh LLC as the Master Distributor for the Red Jacket Juice beverage line. We are proud to be the NYC-based distributor for the Red Jacket Juice premium line of fresh, all-natural and unfiltered 100% fruit juices, stomps, and ciders. Visit www.RedJacketOrchards.com.



Fresh-squeezed. Cold-pressed. No sugar added. Never heated. Great all year round, Sweettauk lemonade is all organic, non-GMO, and a natural source of vitamin C, electrolytes and hydration.
Visit www.sweettauk.com





Cup & Compass (C&C) sells naturally crafted,wholesome beverages through branded, artfully designed dispensers at fast casual restaurants.