Island Fresh LLC is a wholesale food and beverage distribution company based in Brooklyn, New York. Our products and services are second to none. We provide the best and most efficient food distribution in the business. Local and regional clients benefit from their close proximity to our storage facilities, and our efficient transportation of food & beverage products. We also specialize in private labeling for our retail customers. We know... 


Please visit Our History page to find out more about we got started. Go to Our Staff page to meet the hard working team behind Island Fresh LLC. Our storage and distribution facilities is as important as the product and services we provide, so find out more in the Our Facilities page. Finally, meet some of Our Customers and learn more about them.




Our mission is to provide personalized service and quality products that meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.


We strive to develop lasting, family-like relationships with all of our customers, employees and vendors, and to treat them in a fair, honest and caring way.


Our Vision is

  1. Be a great wholesale food distributor for our customers and vendors.
  2. Be a great place to work.
  3. Have the financial strength to accomplish #1 and #2.
Island Fresh, LLC
257 Scholes Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Phone: (718) 605-7208
Fax: (718) 605-7210

Our Customers

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. At Island Fresh LLC, our success depends on making sure that our customers are fully satisfied with the products and services that we provide.

Our Facilities

Our food-grade warehouse is located in Brooklyn, NY. The storage facilities are equipped with temperature-controlled and highly-efficient automated freezers.

Our History

Back in 1975, in his early teens, Mike DeVito started a summer job as a helper on a soda truck and then as a helper on an ice cream truck. He quickly grew into servicing various mom-and-pop stores, and supermarkets in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.